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Kezro Chronicles: Phantom Ops

World Setting

"It only takes, one well timed idiot, moments to start a war, and good soldiers years to end it."

-Gianna Lance aka Boss Lady

Welcome to the world of Kezro.  A place were the continents have become cities unto themselves and are govern by a counsel of mayors. Where people almost enslaved themselves and now fight to control the fears of the populace.

The Marionette Conflict was a war against Artificial Intelligence (AIs).  Created first as a non sentient aid to high ranking military officials, the program was pushed farther and farther.  The military application was toned down for civilian use and AIs were running much of the day to day operations for most corporations.  The military, trying to create a more realistic AI, decided that emotions were needed for their digital companions.  An AI was created to birth the next breed of Artificial Intelligence.  The resulting AI became known as F.I.V.E.  F.I.V.E saw flaws in men and believed them to be weak.  Being able to contact most soldiers through HUD s (Head Up Displays) he began actually controlling people.  This power grab led other AIs, who wear learning emotions, to become jealous and also get their own pawns.  Before long 38% of the populace was completely under AI control.

The resulting takeover led a Kezro Unified Military.  The remaining free military strategists knew they needed help and looked to a program that had been in experimental stages for over 30 years.  Children were being born in the military with the ability to be Onyx cyborgs at birth.  These children were trained to take on large numbers of lifeless pawns and  to lead the regular military enlisted to victory.

The war was beyond bloody.  Countless lives were lost.  Hope itself had seemed to abandon the citizens of Kezro, when a team devised and took a suicide mission into Twilight City and blew one third of the city and the AI mainframe with it.  All marionettes (Controlled Populace) were freed.  Of the millions enlisted into this war only a few thousand walked away.  These veterans are feared and respected.  Each considered living legends in their on right.

Two years have passed since freedom was declared.  
Two years of peace.  
To bad peace never lasts.....

The following section is a bit of detail about the people, companies, cities that fuel this gritty tale.

Planet Kezro:

City Continents:

This world is almost ruled by large companies with funding capable of buying off or eliminating anyone who stands in their way.


Many of our characters are cyborgs and there are so many types that no one could explain them all in a short time.   Below are the most common types of cyborgs found in Kezro.

Cyborg Types: